Chargers Mock 1.0

Chargers Wish List Draft for me. The draft is coming up and there is so much talent in this draft.

This is MY personal want mock

1st. Kony Ealy DE

2nd. Verett/Roberson CB/Any CB that falls down to this position

3rd. Cody Latimer WR

4th. Z. Kerr NT (any NT falling to us)

5th Dri Archer RB/WR

6th Dakota Dozier OG

7th Aaron Colvin CB


Again, thats my wish draft. Here is what I think should happen.

1st. Nix III NT

2nd. J. Attaochu OLB

3rd. C. Latimer WR

4th. P Gaines CB

5th. B. Stork C

6th. A. Colvin CB

7th. BPA/OG

Trust in TT

Hapag Kainan

Filipino Food though!! Saturday went to Hapag Kainan in Long Beach (off Santa Fe & Willow) with some buddies. A fast food/panda express type of place but its legit. They got everything from pancit to sisig to menudo to canteloupe juice and its all good!





Plus bonus picture of my home-made dinner! Baked chicken encrusted in sour cream & onion lays and jalapeno cheddar lays. Guddamn!



so good. so very good.

Disneyland Day

Gotta make my pass worth buying.

Had to own up on some Toy Story Mania and Buzz Lightyear!






The Loser holdin up an L but I suck at picture taking



Lobster Nachos from the Cove in Disney California. So good

Simmzys long beach

A little hidden gem in long beach. Good Burger and lots of beers!


Simmzys Burger.


Mixed fries. They’re alright


Chili Verde Mac and cheese. Thursday night special. Greatness


Half the beer list


My flight picks. 16 oz for 10 bucks not bad.

Overall it’s a pretty good little place especially if you’re on a date. Or if you’re trying to get some beers and watch sports.


Simmzy’s Long Beach (On 2nd St.) Yelp


Ever since going to mamas in San Diego, I’ve been trying to find another Caribbean spot. And I finally found one. Callaloos Caribbean in long beach ! Just opened up a month ago and its bomb diggity.


You’re thinking, no that’s a burrito and you’re somewhat right. Its called a roti and its basically curry filled with whatever meat you choose, I picked shrimp but next time it will be oxtail. With a side of macaroni pie on the side! A bit pricey but worth it !

Callaloo Caribbean Kitchen