Thoughts on CP3 trade?

New Orleans Grade : A

Wow what a pick up for New Orleans.. Not only did they score a solid big man, a second year forward with huge upside, AND an all star 2 guard.. but they score what is likely to be a top 10 pick in next years draft. That’s a team to watch out for if they grab a point guard (next years draft will be crazy so they will definitely find something).


Clippers on the other hand.. : B –

CP3 is a stud. He alone will put fans in the stands and what better a duo then CP3 to The Blake Show. I’m going to some games for sure. However, no there are some holes in the line up that need to be filled and a guard rotation that looks like the Timberwolves draft a couple years ago. Is this going to be a problem? I doubt it, the clippers will be able to clear some room and trade or pick up somebody, sign DJ and be a mid-high competitive team.


Overall, this will be something to watch out for. I like the trade but I am so happy this is over with. Clipper nation – celebrate. Laker fans – stop being so bitter, he’ll likely be a laker next year anyways.


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