100 Things To Do 2012!

I’ve decided to make a list of 100 things I want to do before the world ends haha. So hopefully I can get these done.


  1. Make a clock with my friends faces as the numbers
  2. Create a memory book
  3. Mount the TV/Surround Sound
  4. Buy ikea shelves for my room
  5. Fix my camera
  6. Pick up my shoes from LA/SF
  7. Get a professional massage
  8. Go to Disneyland and see the new Mermaid ride and Star Tours (or get a pass)
  9. Beer tasting with Hallie Bui (and whoever else)
  10. Host a beer tasting party with friends
  11. Go Go-Karting at Cathy Gaan’s place
  12. Brew my own beer with Troy
  13. Purchase new headphones (Hopefully wireless)
  14. Take a random trip somewhere with a bunch of friends
  15. Fix my Dad’s old bike
  16. Once that is fixed, go on a bike ride (at least 20 miles)
  17. Make it to a championship for something
  18. Figure out room situation/Fix room to optimum awesome
  19. Try at least 30 new restaurants
  20. Figure out my AFNI charges
  21. Go snowboarding at least 3 times
  22. Don’t Use Facebook Until Spring Break
  23. Apply & GET an internship towards my future career
  24. Get a new snowboard & boots & maybe bindings & maybe goggles
  25. 6 pack abs!!
  26. Go to Hawaii in the fall and watch a football game.
  27. Go to Chicago and watch the Bulls play
  28. Go to a Chargers game
  29. Go to at least 3 Padres Games
  30. Go to at least 1 Angels Game
  31. Call Grandma AT LEAST every 2 weeks
  32. Hike to a waterfall/somewhere cool
  33. Six Flags Magic Mountain
  34. Hot Air Balloon Ride (In SD?)
  35. Strip Club with David/Troy
  36. Get picture of an NBA player pretending to dunk on me
  37. Test drive a car I can’t afford
  38. Drive a motorcycle
  39. Travel to a different country
  40. Visit Dad at his new job
  41. Learn to change my oil
  42. Finish at least 3 books
  43. Finish editing my iPod songs
  44. Purchase a new watch!
  45. Purchase new sunglasses!
  46. Purchase my 93 Til Shirt
  47. Meet with my school advisor
  48. Purchase 4 art prints
  49. Purchase new car stereo so I can finally play my iPod in the car
  50. Use every gift card I own
  51. Go to and bet at race tracks
  52. Get 5 Shoes I’ve always wanted (Cement IVs!)
  53. Get at least 2 A’s each semester
  54. Save $1000
  55. Go to at least 5 art galleries
  56. Meet David Flores
  57. Go to at least two concerts/shows
  58. Win $200 gambling
  59. Graffiti somewhere
  60. Attend a WNBA game
  61. Edit a video of friends
  62. Go on a hot date with emily rong
  63. Volunteer for something
  64. Take a full day LA Trip for no reason
  65. See Redondo Beach
  66. Get a portrait/stencil thing of me
  67. Get on television/extra in a movie
  68. Go to an episode of Conan
  69. Canoe/Kayak
  70. Go to a gay bar with Troy Yoshimoto (his idea)
  71. Have a cupboard potluck
  72. Call somebody not close to anymore (Once a week?)
  73. Go frisbee golfing
  74. Stargaze
  75. Go fishing with Dad
  76. Record/Produce a Yung Bonahz track
  77. Run to the top of Signal Hill
  78. Win a beer pong tournament
  79. Go ghost hunting at a real haunted place
  80. Get a piercing
  81. Make a star ceiling
  82. Purchase GoodWood Cali necklace
  83. Get a suit
  84. Go to a rave
  85. Meet Shay Mitchell or Jarah Mariano
  86. Go clubbing in Hollywood
  87. Vegas
  88. Cook 20 things I’ve never cooked before
  89. Get all family recipes & make a book
  90. Rock climb at the rec center
  91. Host a chili cook off
  92. Win in a pizza cook off
  93. Go obon hopping
  94. Get at least 3 references for accounting positions
  95. Become vegetarian for a week
  96. Win at least 1 fantasy league
  97. Have a huge BBQ
  98. Replace all light bulbs in the house
  99. Get a tattoo
  100. Party In SB

The rest will come soon!! If you have any ideas please let me know!


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