NFL Offseason.

There is so much going on today, first the Randy Moss deal, then Brandon Marshall gets traded to the bears??

Where this tandum gets to play together again!

The trade: Marshall for a pair of third round picks.. what?
This just means the dolphins might be going for Manning, Wayne AND Clark..

More news: Pierre Garcon is reportedly going to sign with the Redskins..

That means.. a tandum of PG85 & RGIII … Now that’s interesting..

Other News:
-VJax is in talks with Tampa Bay.. that sucks
-Bills talking to Super Mario Williams
-Chargers release McNeil
-Colston Resigns with Saints
-Redskins get Eddie Royal & Josh Morgan
-Tracy Porter possibly going to Rams

Basically this offseason, has pretty much everyone making moves except for my chargers who are doing the usual sit back and relax while our players go to other teams.. but that’s okay we don’t need good players ahemCortlandFinnegancoughcough we have a TERRIFIC coach.. NOT


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