Trade Deadline.

Wow, quite a few deals today. In fact I don’t know who’s picture to put on here because I’m not sure which is the biggest story. Fisher? Nene? Wallace?

Bet you didn’t expect that.

The Lakers make a couple of big moves. Overall I think they came up on top in both trades today. The first..

Lakers get: Ramon Sessions, Christian Eyenga
Cavs get: Walton & First round pick

Analysis: Why would you even want Luke Walton..

2nd trade:

• Lakers get: Jordan Hill
• Rockets get: D-Fish & First round pick

Analysis: A first round pick for jordan hill..?

Wizards get:

• Nene
• Brian Cook
• Future second-round pick
Clippers get:
• Nick Young
Nuggets get:
• JaVale McGee
• Ronny Turiaf

Analysis: kind of an odd trade but Nene will do well in Washington and Nick Young will be a great scorer for the Clips. The nuggets just got a lot dumber though.


This great looking guy got dished out to the NETS for

• F/C Mehmet Okur
• F Shawne Williams
• Protected first-round pick

Anaysis: Blazers get a much needed C after trading Camby away AND a protected first round pick which is awesome because this draft is going to be awesome, the Nets get a guy who can score with Dwill. BUT this might stop Dwill from coming back next year.


Sticking with the Blazers

Rockets get:
• C Marcus Camby

Blazers get:
• C Hasheem Thabeet
• G Jonny Flynn
• 2012 second-round draft pick

So the rebuilding continues for the Blazers.

A few others include:

Spurs get:
• F/G Stephen Jackson
Warriors get:
• F Richard Jefferson
• Conditional first-round pick

Pacers get:
• G Leandro Barbosa
Raptors get:
• Second-round draft pick

Sixers get:
• G Sam Young
Grizzlies get:
• Future considerations

And thats all for now folks. Pau stays, Dwight stays, Pierce and Rondo stay.


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