Flynn a Seahawk

A lot more free agency moves and QB drama through the weekend. One of the biggest is the signing of Matt Flynn to the Seattle Seahawks for 4 years/26 Mill. Not bad for Aaron Rogers backup..

Flynny is stoked.

So what else happened?

-Tolbert is talking with and is most likely signing with Carolina Panthers. boo
-Reggie Nelson signed with the Bengals who are apparently making big moves this offseason
-Brandon Lloyd signs with the Patriots, giving them a huge upgrade over ochocinco.
-Randy McMichael resigns with Chargers
-Grossman resigns with the Redskins
-Anthony Gonzales signs with the Patriots

and finally, Mario Manningham signs with the 49ers. So wow, the 49ers are stacking up, but they might have lost their QB with all this crazy QB drama. Smith may be a Dolphin in next year? who knows.


I’m sure the rest of the offseason will just get crazier as the Manning decision gets more progress. Stay tuned


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