Manning to the Broncos

After all the drama and visits, Peyton Manning has finally chosen his destination. After many spectators thought it would definitely be the Titans, the QB chose the Denver Broncos. I’m sure the entirety of Denver is going buckwild right now and why not, they have one of the best QBs to ever play. Now, being that I am a charger fan, I am not particularly happy to see him sign with a rival team. But then I think about it and I’d much rather watch Manning play against us twice then stupid Tim Tebow.

Manning informed John Elway today about the decision who ultimately contemplated a trade involving Tebow. As of now, they’re looking for another partner who wants Tebow. Eric Decker has also spoke out about the situation saying that the offense will most likely have to change because of who Manning is and how he runs an offense.

There is no contract details yet as they are finalizing the numbers. It will be interesting to see how Manning plays with this team.


In other NFL transactions:

-Robert Gallery signs with Patriots on a one year deal.
-Safety Landry signs with Jets for one year. That will spice up their D a lot.


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