Chargers Draft 2012

I’m one of those people that LOVES the nfl draft and I have a lot of favorite players that I would like to get in bolt uniforms, but AJ and Norv disagree every year. Thats okay, they’ve made some okay picks besides the fact that they always pass up quality talent (Maualuga). Anyways this year I thought maybe I’d put up some of my wants for the rounds and see what people think.

I have some high hopes for the first round but we’ll see how that goes.

1st round.

SS. Mark Barron. Alabama. This guy is a solid safety which we need!! Since Gregory is gone and Sanders is always questionable for health, we need a reason to cheer. Compliment Weddle nicely and I would love to have him.

Other options include: Dont’a Hightower MLB, Dre Kirkpatrick CB, Nick Perry DE, Whiteney Mercilus OLB, Courtney Upshaw LB


2nd round. Lavonte David.

A nice OLB from Nebraska. We need a pass rusher, I know we have Jarrett Johnson coming in from Baltimore but we need some depth there as well. This guy was a stud at nebraska and he could be one in San diego as well.

Other options: Harrison Smith SS, Stephon Gilmore (if he drops that far, I wish) CB, Andre Branch DE


3rd Round: Mitchell Schwartz

I don’t know a lot about this guy but a lot of guys in the forums are pretty high on this guy so Ill trust them. We have to protect Rivers better than last year, thats obvious. With all the new WR’s we have and big man McLain at the FB spot, we need a little extra pocket help and this guy would be the answer. Out of Cal and a big OT.

Other options: Trumaine Johnson CB, Chandler Jones DE, Cliff Harris CB, LaMichael James RB


4th Round: Ronnie Hillman!

Wishful thinking maybe because I love SDSU guys coming to the bolts. But Hillman dominated last year and I know he could do that as Matthews backup. I feel like the chargers need one more guy at the back position to take us over the edge and we’ll be incredible. Ronnie Hillman would look dope in that bolt jersey with a number 13.

Other options: Lamichael James RB, Robert Turbin RB, Billy Winn DT


Round 5: Nate Potter

A big OT from Boise. This guy would dominate the line, early in the college football year he was seen as one of the top 5 Tackles in the NCAA but since has dropped and I’m not even sure if he would drop to the 5th round of the draft but if he does that would be sick. Plus he is probably related to Harry Potter so thats a plus.

Other options: Ryan Broyles WR, Rishard Matthews WR, Bruce Irvin DE


Round 6: Emmanuel Acho

Another LB and this one out of Texas. I mean other than LB, OT and CB I don’t see us needing much more but depth at this pick. This guy could definitely help out and be a force when needed. I don’t see the Chargers picking him but I would like him on my squad.

Other options here: Akiem Hicks NT, Christian Thompson S, Cliff Harris S (if he’s here at this pick then take him for sure) same with Nate Potter.


Overall, if we could get all these guys I would be ecstatic but usually the chargers choose one person I like and leave everyone to other teams haha. Anyways they’re the pro’s, not me so they can do what they want. I would definitely be willing to get rid of a pick in order to get a new head coach though haha just kidding.. but not really =)



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