List update

So on my continuation of The List I’ve started, I have finally started checking more things off the list, or making some progress on it at least. This week I finally finished the book “The Big Short” by Michael Lewis and I have to say it was a pretty interesting book about how the whole recession and the banks and individuals who were involved with it. It made me understand a lot more about the business world and hedge funds and things of that nature and more than anything, the greed of the people running them and the lack of knowledge they know about their product but they still get the major cash. Interesting and I definitely will try to read more books like it. Michael Lewis is one of my favorite authors also, he’s written other stuff like Liars Poker and Moneyball.

So that’s my 1/3 books to read so far, hopefully I read many more than that before the years end, I’m planning on at least 7!

The next book that I have already started on is a book called Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, its a pretty famous book about outliers in the world and how they get to become outliers. So far its pretty sick.


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