San Diego Padres Forever

If you’re a Padres fan like me, which is almost never, you have very little to have pride over haha. Every year is “oh well next year maybe we’ll be better.” But hey we have a new stadium and plenty to look forward to, as long as we can KEEP our GREAT players. lol coughAdrianPeavyJasonBaycough & many others. Its all good though. I was looking into buying a retro padres jersey (you know the old Gwynn jerseys) and I came up on some old historical pictures of the Padres from the early days. The days when they were a minor league team in the Pacific Coast League. I just wanted to share these pictures because I thought they were really cool and I really like the jerseys they had back then. I think the Padres wore them recently too but I don’t really remember if they did or not. Here’s the pictures!

and how about a little Ted Williams??

Now I’ve got a little pride for my team again haha. Anyways lets go pad squad!

Tonights game is at 7:05 against the Washington Nationals @Petco Park!

Apparently the new Charger, Eddie Royal will throw out the first pitch also.


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