Stock watch

Every once in a while ill come up on some interesting news and my mind connects dots which of course I believe will lead me to fame and riches. I’ve never really tested my intuitions so I suppose this will be my first test in regards to stocks. (Although the book I’m currently reading leads me to believe that I’m not an expert intuitioner and probably shouldn’t act on intuition). Oh well, the stock I am picking has picked up quite a bit since its IPO but I think this is just the beginning. The company, yelp, has caught my eye. As a member of yelp I have a lot of experiences using the engine and am a big fan. You see this company everywhere, its on every restaurants front window and when you’re looking for a place to eat, yelp is the first place you turn.

Well recently I read they will now be very involved in Apples new mapping system for mobile devices! That means the millions who will get the iphone 5 and the new ipad and ipod, etc, will all be seeing yelp features intertwined into the mapping system. To me that has growth written all over it. This is a company I think will see nice growth of in the near future and if I had the money I would definitely buy! We will see if my intuition was right or if the stock market is just not my thing.


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