Hawaii Eats

Here is your food guide to Honolulu, etc

First of all, make good use of the bus system if you don’t have a car. Google maps has a good bus gps system so use it if you want to know which buses to get around. (it’s only $2.50 per bus, and you get a like 2 hour transfer time line).

– Best Shave Ice: Quality-wise: Waiolas (bus), Quantity-wise: Shimazus (bus)

– Bubbies Ice Cream: awesome mochi ice cream place/the multiple orgasm cake is the best (this is by UH, take the bus)

– Leonards Malasadas: This was the first place I went, they have portugese donuts. get a box of them and just enjoy haha (bus)

– Diamond Head Grill: obviously close to Diamond Head which I’m sure you’ll hike. If you go for breakfast, the loco moco is amazing, otherwise lunches they have all the regular digs. (bus)

– Side Street Inn: Delicious! Its family style so go with a group. Kim Chi Fried Rice, Porkchops, Mochiko Chicken are all good. Gets pretty packed though (bus or walk, probably 20 min walk for you)

– Rainbow Drive Inn: Super popular place for plate lunches/loco moco. Get a slush too if its hot! (15 min walk)

– Ono Hawaiian Seafood: Best Poke (15 min walk)

– Foodland: This is just a grocery store, but its rad. The one at Ala Moana shopping center has like five different types of poke that you can get! Super good too! (bus to ala moana)

– Marukame Udon: Cheapy good eats. This place gets huge lines but the lines go pretty quickly (5 min walk)

– Iyasume: bomb spam place! Really small japanese place, kind of hard to find. But their spam musubi/variations of spam musubi are good! Good for snacks if youre going to go hiking. (5 min walk)

– Boots N Kimo’s: Pretty famous pancake place that have macadamia nut sauce on top. Long ass wait though, but its in Kailua so you can go to Lanikai Beach or the pillboxes after. (bus/car)

– Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck: Pretty famous food truck in North Shore. There are a ton of shrimp trucks at North Shore/Waimea and I think they’re probably all good. Matsumoto’s Shave ice is over there too but it dont compare to waiolas. (north shore, rent a car)

– Hole In the wall spot: Me’s BBQ (Korean food): The Meat Jun was good and they give you 4 sides with your meal!! (5 min walk)

– 24 Hour Places: Mac’s 24 (In the Hilton) and Zippys (chili rice! and orange bang shake!) (both walking distance)

– Taniokas, Helenas and Liliha’s: I didn’t get to eat at these, but were recommended to me by a few peeps

Make sure you have lots of cash too because you might not be able to find your bank and a lot of place in Hawaii are cash only. Also you have to go to Hanauma Bay and snorkel and right across the street from that is Kokohead trail. Its pretty steep and tiring but its cool at the top. It also sucks coming down since its steep.

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