Must Do: Portland, OR

This is all the stuff I loved in PTL


– The Waffle Window: Super bomb waffles, 2 locations too. Yelp

– Pine State Biscuits: Biscuit sandwiches! so flaky and awesome. Yelp

Salt & Straw: Crazy ice cream combinations, really crazy but awesome. good waffle cones too but huge lines!

– PokPok: Mad long lines at this place. Like waiting for 2 hours long. But it is right across the street from salt and straw and a bar so you can go to those places in between wait time. They have awesome chicken wings here and other thai food. Yelp

– The Screen Door: More long lines for good food. This is southern food but its legit. I had the fried chicken and it was one of my favorite fried chickens ever. Yelp

– Blue Star Donuts: Really good donuts, more weird combinations but for donuts. I had a berry basil bourbon, buttermilk old fashion and passion fruit. I liked this place much better than Voodoo. Yelp

Other Food: They have a ton of trailer food trucks in Portland. In downtown there is a whole street full (We went to Nong’s Khao Man Gai, which is where the street is). Powell’s Bookstore is right down the street too so walk there too.

There is another little trailer food truck area too, but its open super late (I think they all closed at 3AM). They have one called Potato Champion which has poutin fries. I’m sure this place is awesome for drunchies.

Places I bookmarked but didnt have time to try: broder restaurant (american), harbor city (dim sum), mothers bistro (american), Tasty & Sons, shut up and eat (sandwiches).


Places to go:


Multonmah Falls: Definitely a must see waterfall. You can walk up to the bridge and it’s insane.

Horsetail Falls: Really cool hike, I think it’s about 2.5 Miles looped. Right down the street from Multnomah. Just driving through this area is beautiful. The Horsetail falls loop takes you to 3 waterfalls, the first at the beginning is cool, the second one you actually get to go behind the waterfall which is pretty sick and the third one is whatever. Pretty easy hike, once you get to the second waterfall it levels out. Cool views and a good view of the Oneonta Gorge.

Oneonta Gorge: if you don’t mind getting wet, this is a hike that goes through the gorge. I wanted to hike this one but my parents were not down. I think there is cliff jumping and its supposed to be a pretty wild hike.

Random other stuff: Breweries! There are tons of breweries in Portland. Rogue, Hair of the Dog, Cascade, etc.

Grand Marketplace: huge vintage store, really cool stuff to see and buy. Reminds me of the travel channel show American Pickers.

Portland Gun Club: Skeet Shooting



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