Things to do in the great city of Seattle.

It is about a 2 and 1/2 hour drive from Portland, and a few hours from Canada, but there is a lot to do in Seattle too.


*It was really difficult to find a place to eat during the weekends for 6 people. Most places downtown are reserved or just too small to accommodate so be wary of that.

– Paseo: 2 locations, I went to the one in Fremont after seeing the Fremont Troll. Long line but it went quickly. Paseo is a cuban sandwich spot but it is insanely good and insanely messy. Huge onions in the sandwiches! The cuban press and the roast pork sandwich were the best. Very reminiscent of Ikes with the long line. Yelp

– Pink Door: An unmarked place in Post Alley. It was too busy to eat here but it looked good and it had a nice view outside. Try it and tell me if its good!

– Pike Place Chowder: All kinds of great seafood chowders! Breadbowls and sandwiches (Rolls) too! Another gem in Post Alley

– Le Panier: A little bakery down the street from the original Starbucks. Really good french macaroons and pastries. Definitely stop in and get a snack!

– Piroshky Piroshky: A super small bakery type of place that has piroshkys obviously. The potato and cheese one was good. Awesome snack place.

-Pike St. Fish Fry: Fish & Chips Open Late!!

-Theo Chocolate: Really good/expensive chocolate in Fremont. They have tours too but you can just go into the store and try all the samples if you really want. Coconut Curry Chocolate.. weird!


Museums: Chihuly Glass & Garden. One of the coolest exhibits I have ever seen. Unbelievable art.

EMP Museum: Experience Music Project. A museum for music, which is pretty rad. Specializes in northwest artists (Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix), also has a bunch of sci-fi stuff in it.

Ballard Locks: Northwest Seattle, where they have the famous locks to get boats from lower water level to higher and vice versa. Cool to see.

Bruce Lee Grave site: Pretty cool to see. In the Lakeview Cemetary.

Olympic Sculpture Park: I didn’t see this but I have heard some good things.

Seattle Public Library: A really rad and modern library with cool designs all over. The red hall is creepy as hell though.

Of course there are the other tourist things like the gum wall, the fremont troll, the pike place market, tours of Century Link and Safeco fields which are right next to each other. I wish I would have been able to watch a Seattle Sounders game though.

Best View Spots: I’m pretty big on skyline views and seeing the city from high above.

– Columbia Sky View Observatory. Go up to the 73rd story and get an almost 360 degree view of Seattle. Open until 10PM if you want to watch the sun set from here.

– Kerry Park: A tiny little park where you can see a beautiful view of Seattle’s skyline and waters.

Make sure you see the sunsets because they are really nice.


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