The Definitive Havasupai Falls Guide

To all you lucky people going to Havasupai Falls, you will have a great time and see some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

The Prep

The Havasupai tribe is extremely difficult to get a hold of. When we called for a lodge room, we originally had no answer for the first few days. My friend had to call every 10 minutes until they finally picked up and when they did, they just took down his name and that was basically it, they don’t ask for your information or payment.

Helicopter: We looked into this momentarily but apparently they do not fly the copters on Saturdays and we were on a time crunch. However, I think the best way to go would be to hike in, helicopter out.

The Drive: Depending of course from where you’re coming from but most of us will just google map it to “Hualapai Hilltop”. That will get you there for the most part. Our phones took us to Indian 18 (a one lane each way street) and it said to go to mile marker 29 and then we would arrive. Well, we got there and nothing was in sight. Turns out you have to keep driving all the way to mile marker 65 (the end of the street). There is a parking lot at the end where there will be a lot of other people/bathrooms/etc. If driving there late night, be careful of animals (deer, cows, rabbits, etc, they all walk around on the street and could get freaked out by headlights)

The Hike: The hike in is much easier than out. It is 8 miles to the village of Supai and another 2 to the campground/Mooney Falls. If you’re staying in the lodge, it will be in the village. The beginning of the hike in, is about 1.5 to 2 miles of switchbacks and downhill slopes to the beginning of the canyon. From there it will be about 6 more miles of leisurely walking (its flat) and you start to get some beautiful sights (the canyon has crazy formations) and if you go early enough you will have plenty of shade. We left at 7 in the morning and were one of the last groups to leave.

The dogs:  Undoubtedly you will see a bunch of stray dogs running around the area. I think they are owned by the tribe, but not by one person particularly. They seem to just roam around in packs or alone. We had one dog guide us around the entire trip. I don’t know what the rules are on feeding them but we didnt feed any of them.

The lodge: It was your normal lodge but no television and had a hard time connecting to the wifi. It was definitely nice to have a bed and a/c though. Check in is 1 so that complicates things if you arrive at 10AM. We got breakfast at the cafe and then explored, coming back around 3PM to check in. (I believe you can have 4 people in the room, there are 2 beds, and a shower.) I think it was around $150 per night but they also included the $35 permit fee per person).

*They will let you leave your bags in the lodge area if you are early and want to go explore the area.

The cafe: Overpriced mediocre food but it does the job. Usually slow service because they only have a couple of people working there.Plus after a long 8 mile hike, a cold soda is amazing. Open from 7AM to 630PM. HUGE Pancakes

The Waterfalls: This place is unbelievable from the first time you see the blue green waters to the huge waterfalls. I think there are 5 waterfalls you can see (we saw 4). Walk toward the campgrounds and youll pass at least 3 waterfalls. We explored them all and loved them. There are natural infinity pools basically everywhere and the waterfalls get bigger the farther you venture. Havasupai Falls (the third waterfall in our trip), was the most chill. Picnic tables laid out everywhere, even in the shallow waters and would be a good place to picnic and relax. Mooney falls, which is another mile down past Havasupai Falls is the biggest but getting down to the falls is dangerous (sketchy staircaves) and we are not sure if you can climb the stairs back up (the alternate would be a long hike back up). Regardless it is beautiful to see.

Gear:Thats all dependent on if you camp or lodge. If you have a lot of heavy stuff, you can also have them mule your gear down/up.

Conclusion:Go here, hike in, helicopter out. Spend a couple days here so you can really explore it and just relax and enjoy the beautiful blue green waters. So few people go here that you can sometimes have the waterfalls to yourself. Be careful of snakes though! Enjoy


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