Seoul Quick Notes

I wasn’t overly impressed with the city, though of course there were some cool aspects

  • Bukchon Hanok Village – Old school village was definitely worth seeing. Amazingly old looking buildings, delicious super cheap meat on a stick/cup.
  • Mount Namsam – A pretty cool place. Lots of love locks everywhere and people taking pictures. Was a bit chilly when I went but still saw some cool stuff. I really enjoyed the cable car back down the most though.
  • Common Ground – shopping for everybody in old shipping containers. Bought one of my favorite hoodies here. Would have liked to buy more but things in SK are pretty pricey!
  • Makgoelli place was LEGIT, would definitely go back
  • All the food here was good also

Kuala Lumpur Quick Notes

  • Restoran 168 – This spot was dope! Last restaurant I was able to frequent but it was delicious. Go here, get anything and be happy
  • Batu Caves – Another amazing experience and available right off of the subway. Did the dark cave tour also and that was pretty legit especially for the prices. Would come back here in a heartbeat
  • Islamic Arts Museum – definitely a cool thing to see. Located in a random area, I definitely was yelled at multiple times for accidentally having shoes on. Make sure you know the rules when you over to these areas.
  • City Centre – I think I expected more from here but seeing the Petronas Towers is a must.
  • Taps beer bar – The only place where I could find even a scent of a craft beer. I did actually really enjoy this place though.

Quick Notes on Hong Kong

  • The Sundays Grocery – Same owners as Yardbird but still worth going to!
  • Yardbird – One of the best restaurants I’ve been to. Corn tempura, chicken meatballs, everything was great
  • Causway Bay ‘Times Square’ – I didn’t feel it was necessary to go here being that I live in New York but there was some great shops around.
  • Victoria Peak – It was a very touristy thing to do. Went on a wild adventure just to get up there because the rail had a 3 hour + wait. Would be insane to wait in that line, seemed like a pain in the ass.
  • Tian Tian Big Buddha Statue – It’s a cool place for sure, the 10,000 buddhas thing was pretty amazing and the ride there in the glass cart was pretty cool as well.
  • Ho Choi dim sum – google translate in full effect. Did enjoy it but wasn’t overall super memorable.
  • Ho Lee Fook – Steak was pretty amazing
  • Eggs & Chicken Noodle Spot – legit
  • Noodle place next door was legit too
  • Mongkok – An area in HK that was chill
  • Tim Ho Wan – Very touristy thing to do, got in line early and was first in. Pineapple buns and all were very good. Though this is now available all over the damn place, even in NY
  • Tsim Sha Tsui – Don’t even remember what this was
  • Temple Street Night Market – Not bad, didn’t really compare to the nightmarkets I’ve been in other places but it was still a cool experience.


Things to do: Take the Star Ferry to Kowloon to see the Light show


Notes from Bali

Canggu – Legit

Uluwatu – One of my favorite temples, insane views, crazy ass monkeys, worth going to, would even go back.

Bedugul – These gates are everywhere and they’re all beautiful

Pura Tana Lot – Really nice place also, right on the water, big crowds but still an amazing place

Sehati Restaurant

Restaurant Locavore in Ubud – was a nice meal at a small place, felt like I could’ve been in California though. The burger was good.

Seminyak – Cool area